Running a business has many different moving parts. Payroll is something that needs to get done on a regular basis and needs to be done correctly! Correcords can help to make sure it gets done properly and always meet your deadlines.

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Payroll Services We Offer

  • Basic Payroll Services – including Paystubs, T4s, ROEs
  • Direct Deposit payments
  • Includes Free Subscription to Payment Evolution upon request

Why Should You Outsource Your Payroll?

  • Overwhelming Details: Payroll Has To Be Done Right, and We Love Details
  • Time Consuming: Payroll tasks take a significant amount of time and energy
  • ​Constant Rule Change: New Rules are being implemented consistently

Regular Payroll Submission

Tired of processing detailed payroll reports? As your business grows, so will your list of time-consuming tasks. Our team can set you up to ensure you don’t have to worry about payroll.

Process Direct Deposit Payments 

Are you still using cheques to pay your employees? Correcords can help your business make the transition to paying via Direct Deposit.

You must be asking yourself how the payroll process works!
It’s as easy as these 4 steps!

YOU send us your payroll information

WE process the payroll data

YOU approve the payroll

WE issue your employees payment and paystubs


Let us do the extra things too! 

T4 end of year preparation

Are you finding it difficult to prepare T4’s before deadlines? We make sure your employees receive their T4’s in a timely manner, and make it stress-free for you!

Record of Employment 

Needing to manage employee hiring, termination, or departure? Correcords can take care of your Records of Employment needs and ensure new employees are properly set up.

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Here are just a few little things Correcords Bookkeeping can
help you with! 



Save more time and money

With the best software, Correcords does your payroll effectively and quickly




Have a sense of Security
You can have great relief knowing your payroll is done right!




Create an accessible payroll structure 
Our free consultation will help build a payroll system perfectly suited for your business


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