We do more than keep your records, we help you understand your finances.

You deserve a bookkeeper you can trust.

You’ve worked hard to build your business.

We understand that your business is like your baby, and you deserve a bookkeeper who will take care of it with the same level of care.

Like you, we’ve heard the horror stories of untrustworthy bookkeepers, sloppy books, and penalties which could have been avoided.

That’s why we started Correcords Bookkeeping with you in mind.

We do more than keep your records, we help you understand your finances.

Our services don’t stop at bookkeeping. Each month, we prepare financial statements, help you read between the lines, and help you make decisions that increase profit.

Our Services


  • Entering Transactions: Bank, Credit Card, Bills, & Invoices
  • Account Reconciliation: Bank Accounts & Credit Cards
  • Financial Reports: Monthly, or on an as-needed basis
  • Tax Submissions: HST, GST, & RST


  • Accounts Receivable: processing incoming payments
  • Accounts Payable: keeping track of deadlines & making payments
  • Payroll: Entering payroll information, making payments, & providing payroll information to employees


Which type of business are you?


  • Approx. 50 transactions
  • Reconciliation of two accounts
  • Annual tax submission



  • Approx. 100 transactions
  • Reconciliation of three accounts
  • Annual tax submission



  • Approx. 200 transactions
  • Reconciliation of four accounts
  • Quarterly tax submission
  • Payroll for up to five employees

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The All-Inclusive Bookkeeping Solution

No subscription needed as Quickbooks Online and PaymentEvolution subscriptions are included in whichever package you choose!

Quickbooks Online has a number of security features that allow you to choose a delegate to have access to your reports and includes an easy way to collect payments from your clients online.

Payment Evolution offers direct bank deposit to each employee, with PayStub Information, T4, and ROE’s accessible Online.

Save up to $90 monthly on software by working with us!

Round-out Your Team

We introduce and connect you with professionals in the following industries:

  • Tax Planning
  • Accounting
  • Financial Planning
  • Marketing Support
  • Business Coaching

Annual Review Meetings

Business is constantly changing, sales and transaction amounts can increase and decrease. Sometimes the services need to be reviewed. We understand the changing nature of the business, and therefore we commit to having a minimum of one annual review and fee evaluation meetings.

Referral Program

We are committed to providing excellent service and would love to work with other businesses. If you believe that Correcords’ services will benefit someone like you, we will provide you with a 10% discount for one month, for each successful referral.

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