Who Needs A Bookkeeper?

Every business needs a bookkeeper, even if that bookkeeper is the owner.  The hard part is making sure the books are done correctly.

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When Should I Hire A Bookkeeper?

You can hire a bookkeeper at a few points in your business. As an entrepreneur starting out, you may want someone to show you the ropes

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Common Mistakes Clients Make

There are lots of little practices that can save business owners money. Often unknowingly, a late charge that seems insignificant

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How Do Bookkeepers Save You Money?

As a business owner, you have your hands full keeping the day to day affairs in order.  Bookkeeping is a special set of skills and without

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When your business is too big to do everything yourself, and not big enough to hire a finance department, Correcords Bookkeeping fills the gap from solopreneurs to established businesses.

When you’re running your business, it’s important to be thinking one step ahead. A business owner moves through varying seasons of change. One minute you are expanding your client base and the next you are growing operations. We’re more than bookkeepers and we are here to help you discover the story behind your numbers.

What Our Clients Say

Correcords Bookkeeping is creative and very thorough. We had a unique situation and needed a team member to learn side-by-side with them, and they were more than willing to step up to the challenge and walk us through our unique needs.
We began working with Correcords Bookkeeping after my previous bookkeeper retired. From day one they have been incredibly diligent, detail-oriented, and professional. We entrust Correcords and rely on them to keep our financials in order.
Andrew is a critical part of our team. He always puts the needs of the customer first, and he is extremely professional, reliable, and a true pleasure to work with. I know that Andrew always has my company in his best interest and I am grateful for this.

Who We Work With

New Start-Ups

Do you have a new business? Wondering what accounting system to use? We evaluate your business needs and recommend solutions best suited to your unique situation.

An Established Business

We investigate problematic situations, identify potential risks and implement controls to mitigate risks in the future.


Feeling overwhelmed by your business? Do you need professional and practical advice to help you see where your money is going and what to look out for? 

We understand the complexities of running a small business and provide the training that will allow you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Growing Organizations

Do you have a growing business? Are you struggling to keep up with the challenges of bookkeeping and accounting? We ease the growing pains for your business by creating customized bookkeeping services that will help you keep up with your growth strategically and seamlessly.

Other Financial Agents

We are happy to work with and network with other professionals in the field.

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